Kirstie Alley noted on Twitter last night that in her 40 years in Hollywood, she’s “never seen the kind of hatred” that’s she’s seeing now and her advice to Trump supporters is to “stay silent”:

But Twitchy favorite Nick Searcy doesn’t think “stay silent” is the right message AT ALL.

His advice?

“Do not be silent. Laugh in their faces and be proud of who you are and what you believe. Bullies never stop. They have to BE stopped”:

Hey, we like Kirstie and all, but we’re going to have to side with Nick on this one. “They have to BE stopped”:

Do. Not. Cave:

It might not be easy, however:

When your source of income is on the line, it’s a hard choice:

Which is why when people in Hollywood do stand up, they need our support:


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