The Miami-Dade public school system announced an arrest for a cyber attack that’s been disrupting remote learning for the entire district since classes began on Monday:

The criminal mastermind? A 16-year-old HS student in Miami:

Apparently, he’s admitted it already:

The student admitted to orchestrating eight Distributed Denial-of-Service cyber attacks, designed to overwhelm District networks, including web-based systems needed for My School Online. The student used an online application to carry out these attacks and has been charged with Computer Use in an Attempt to Defraud – a 3rd degree felony, and Interference with an Educational Institution – a 2nd degree misdemeanor.

The district had been experiencing widespread outages since classes began on Monday, much to the frustration of parents, students and the district:

The district was widely mocked for the “Banana Dog” error pages students and teachers received when they couldn’t log in:

Here’s what parents and students experienced:

Imagine with everything else going on, the district thought this would be ok?

Exit question: Was this kid pretty good at all this or was the Miami-Dade system really, really bad?