Just to follow up on our post from Sunday, former NBA player Rex Chapman is still pushing the now thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory that the Trump administration is locking mailboxes in Burbank, Calif. in order to mess with the vote:

First, we sent him this article from 2016 which explained that these boxes are getting locked after hours to prevent theft:

But he didn’t buy it:

And then we tagged him in this thread from actress Zandy Hartig who actually drove to the post office to help debunk it:

As you can see from her photos and video, the mailboxes ARE STILL OPEN:

But, as you can see, his tweet is still up and going viral:

Keep digging!

Chapman has close to 1 million followers and is known for taking funny videos from other Twitter users and sharing him on his account to make them go viral. He needs to delete this BS right now:



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