New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is considering delaying her country’s upcoming election over a new COVID-19 outbreak totaling 4 cases:

It’s “up in the air at the moment”:

And this is who Dems keep lauding?

And remember the media reaction when President Trump suggested the election get delayed?

More from Global News:

Ardern said she was suspending the dissolution of parliament, which was due to make way for an election scheduled to take place on Sept. 19, until Monday. No decision had yet been made on delaying the actual poll, she added.

“It’s too early to make decisions but there is a bit of flexibility to move the election date if required,” Ardern told a televised media conference, adding any date before Nov 21 can be chosen for the election.

As for the outbreak, they still haven’t determined the source of the outbreak:

Have they considered that it’s a highly infectious virus with known asymptomatic spread and that maybe locking down an entire country in perpetuity will be impossible?

So they had symptoms and still traveled? You know, maybe NZ never really had the outbreak under control after all and that people just didn’t report they had it?

And after those 4 cases, the lockdown is back: