Need some good news tonight? Well then, here you go. . .

Three Dem-nominated judges on the 9th Circuit just handed President Trump a YUGE win in the libel suit filed by Stormy Daniels and her then-attorney Michael Avenatti:

This was over a tweet the president sent back in 2018:

Heckuva job, Michael. From 2018:

Time to pay up?

Well, not quite yet. According to Politico, Daniels will take this all the way to the Supreme Court if she has to:

“To reach the result set forth in its ‘unpublished decision’ the 9th Circuit had to break with established rules of comity,” Brewster said. “Ms. Clifford has directed us to proceed to seek further review by the 9th Circuit, en banc. If that effort fails we will likely seek review by the Supreme Court.”

To be continued. . .