Buckle up, this is a long one. . .

First up, it’s a mystery to her why Trump voters in 2016 still support Trump in 2020:

And she’s afraid to send her kids to school:

1, 2, C?

Here comes Portland:


Guys, think about the athletes:

She should address this one to the Dem governor of Kentucky and Dem mayor of Lousiville, no?

We’ve covered this before, but this happened under Barack Obama, too:

Note: She modeled merch for the Redskins:

And this is some MAJOR podcast envy:

Nobody is making you guys post black and white photos, FFS:

But she’s really mad at Donald Trump:

Well, you could put down the phone and stop tweeting and start talking to your kid?

Probably Trump’s fault, too:

Well, it’s a pretty good bet that your Dem governor will force your kids to start school online. Give him a call:

And she wants us to know that she hasn’t shaved her legs since March:

Blame Trump for everything!

You see, the rules are that she can call Trump supporters racist online but nobody can ever say something mean about her. Get it?

Narrator: She was not done:

Go vote!

We’re good, thanks for asking:




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