Reminder: “You don’t have a Constitutional right to stand in a roadway and demand that the cops arrest the drivers of cars who try to get past you”:

And we offer you this reminder because of this thread from a protester in Georgetown who is very angry the police didn’t arrest a white woman for the crime of driving on the street where she’s supposed to:

“As we blocked off the streets,” as if this is allowed:

The woman in question, seen below, attempted to avoid the crowd by cutting through a gas station which, apparently, also pissed them off:

“Throughout this whole thing, the cops are doing nothing”:

Now, here comes the part where the cops don’t arrest the white woman:

In other words, the cops did their job:

Although, cops should have escorted this woman to another location. This is ridiculous:

And then they “LET HER DRIVE HOME”:

“My hands are shaking”:

Or, maybe get out of the road?

And now they’re trying to ruin this woman’s life. Just awful:


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