For your viewing pleasure, here’s the entire interview of President Trump by Barstool’s Dave Portnoy (3 parts, highlights after the tweets):

And now for the highlights. . .

When asked what people can do to show their displeasure other than kneeling during the national anthem, President Trump suggested running for office and other unnamed but “friendly ways” to protest:

The president did acknowledge that he does regret some of the tweets/retweets he posts:

He reiterated that Dems are tougher to deal with than Russia, China or North Korea:

On Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Portnoy, however, is not a fan:

The president also mocked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for the shirt he wore in a video on racism:

And the president said being president hasn’t been good for him financially:

Portnoy also “Boom Roasted” the WaPo’s David Nakamura over his earlier criticism of Dr. Fauci, pointed out that the way he greeted the president was “just following Fauci’s lead on how to wear a mask”:

LOL. He’s not wrong.





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