It’s no secret that President Trump wants schools open in the fall (note that the 428,000+ likes on this tweet make it one of his most popular):

And this morning the president threatened to withhold funding to states if schools aren’t open:

He also said he will meet with the CDC over its “very impractical” guidelines:

The president appears to be referring to this tweet yesterday from CDC Director Robert Redfield which listed the guidelines:

That tweet from the CDC director did not go over well with many, to put it mildly:

The Federalist’s Sean Davis says the president should have fired Redfield and Dr. Tony Fauci “months ago”:

But, as of this morning, the Trump campaign is actually promoting what Dr. Fauci said in front of Congress this week on the importance of opening schools:

And we’ll also note how difficult messaging is going to be on all of this. For example, President Trump told Greta van Susteren that he’s now “flexible” on a full convention in Jacksonville, FL in late August:

But late August is also when schools are set to open in the state. If this prediction that things will start looking better in the next two to four weeks, it’s not looking good for either schools or the full convention the president wants:



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