Dems just successfully filibustered Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill in a 55-45 vote:

Dem Sens. Jones and Manchin along with independent Sen. King did support the bill:

But Sen. Scott was PISSED, and rightfully so. He tweeted that he offered “AT LEAST 20 amendments” to Dems, and that still wasn’t good enough:

Bam: “It wasn’t what was being offered today…it was who was offering it”:

And here he is on the Senate floor after the vote noting that Dems could’ve gotten 80% of what they wanted:

And: “Detroit, Atlanta, Minneapolis, LA, Philly, all these cities could have banned choke holds themselves… All these communities have been run by Democrats for decades… I’m willing to compete for their vote. Are you?”:

What a disgraceful day for Dems:

Sen. Scott continued the beatdown: