Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the NYT’s 1619 Project, has apologized for tweeting a conspiracy theory that the epidemic of fireworks in Brooklyn and Queens is some sort of government-backed psy-op:

Via National Review:

“I should not have retweeted that tweet thread. I was curious about what other people thought of it as I have seen lots of comments on the unusual nature of fireworks this year, but I did not make that clear,” Hannah-Jones told National Review in an email. “That was an irresponsible use of my platform and beneath my own standards, which is why I deleted my Tweet.”

Videos of teens shooting off fireworks have flooded Twitter with many libs buying into the theory that something other than people acting like a**holes is afoot:

According to one report, fireworks complaints are up 5000 percent:

And the NYPD isn’t doing much about it:

But that *may* change:

And just wait until conspiracy theorists figure out what the Feds have planned for July 4: