There was a heated debate on police reform in the House on Wednesday between Rep. Cedrick Richmond (D) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) after Rep. Richmond appeared to suggest that House Republicans have no non-white children:

Here’s the exchange via the Daily Beast (Note the “has no children” dig):

“And if one of them happens to be your kid, I’m concerned about him too, and clearly I’m more concerned about him than you are,” Richmond added, causing Gaetz to become irate. (Gaetz is not married and has no children.)

“You’re claiming you have more concern about my family than I do,” the pro-Trump congressman shouted. “Who in the hell do you think you are?”

And you can watch it here:

But, SURPRISE! Rep. Gaetz does have a non-white child. Meet Nestor, who came to America from Cuba at age 12:

Nestor, now 19, will be off to college next year:

Libs owned yet again:

And this wasn’t exactly a secret around D.C.:


Oh, man. . .there need to be A LOT of corrections right now. Some examples: