Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this morning that he is cutting money from the NYPD budget and putting it toward “youth and social services”:

“But he doesn’t say how much or when”:

He says he hears the “Defund the Police” protesters, but we’re not sure this is what they had in mind:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, wants the NYPD to cut $1 billion out of its $6 billon budget:

What an insane number anyway:

Oh, and she think the military budget is connected to the police budgets because we spend so, so much on the military that we have all these extra “tanks” around — yes, tanks — and she want the Pentagon to stop giving them away:

Does she really think the Pentagon is selling tanks to police departments?

Sure, let’s have a debate on donating surplus military equipment to police forces, but words matter.


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