Ana Navarro, unless we’re missing someone, is the first CNN personality we’ve seen defending Chris Cuomo over his awful interviews with his brother, the governor of New York.

Now, we get that you need to defend the flag and all, but this? This is garbage. There is no excuse for the “humor” last night:

But we expect nothing less from Ana:

Oh, and tell us more about Chirs’ “high-stress” job:

Because talking for one hour a day on the television is not “high-stress”:

And the outrage over last night’s interview is because this has been going on for weeks and it allows Gov. Cuomo to avoid answering tough questions on the network:

Does Ana not blame Gov. Cuomo for any of this?

We’ll keep this in mind the next time CNN loses it at Trump for making a joke:

Note: We’re still waiting for anyone at CNN to comment on Chris breaking quarantine and repeatedly lying about it: