Just to follow up on our Ilhan Omar post from Friday, Twitter user @adorn16, the “Executive Director of GMCC” food bank deleted her tweet saying she did not know anything about the congresswoman’s funding using the ActBlue platform for the benefit her organization:

I am the Executive Director of GMCC – Minnesota FoodShare is our program. Ilhan Omar had nothing to do with this project. I do not know where this money is going to.

Here’s a screenshot:

@adorn416 now says she cleared up the issue with Rep. Omar and that they’ll get the funds she solicited:

To be crystal clear: Rep. Omar caused this confusion herself when she solicited money for the food bank through ActBlue and not asking for direct donations. Then she deleted that tweet after the executive director called her out. That’s what we reported on Friday.

But now Rep. Omar is accusing people of spreading “deliberate disinformation”:

“Pure gaslighting”:

Well, it works for her because the national media doesn’t call her on it:

And don’t blame our side:

It was Adrienne who started this, Rep. Omar. Why not call HER out?



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