In case you haven’t been following what’s going on in New York, here’s the summary. . .

Gov. Andrew Cuomo denied knowing that it was state policy to send nursing home patients who tested positive for COVID-19 back to their nursing homes, which has caused a spike in COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes, as you would imagine:

But now we’re learning the Cuomo administration was “explicitly warned” of this danger in at least one nursing home and denied extra aid, as did Mayor de Blasio:

How is this not a bigger scandal?

And this is happening in other states as well:

Earlier in the week, Gov. Cuomo said it’s not the state’s job to provide PPE to nursing homes (this is insane as nursing homes are not well funded and have the same supply chain issues as hospitals):

Via the NYT, NY state imposed a policy that said nursing homes could not discriminate against coronavirus patients:

Gov. Cuomo today told nursing homes that if they can’t provide adequate care to call the state to arrange for the transfer of the patient: