As we told you on Saturday, police in Encinita, California arrested protesters for daring to go to the bach in violation of the county’s stay-at-home order:

Which is weird because just a short driver north to Orange County and some of the beaches looked like this:

And, yes, that photo is 100% real:

Video here:

This is the same part of California where a skate park was filled in with dirt (and motorbikes took over) but now the beaches are open? Do they just pick places out of hat and decide what they will enforce and what they won’t?

More photos of Californians enjoying the sun:

If you recall, a Los Angeles County man was arrested a few weeks back for paddleboarding by himself in the ocean. Now this?

So you can’t paddleboard in Los Angeles but if you’re COVID-19+, you can just come and go as you please:

But, alas. It looks like county officials will shut it down over the crowds:

You had a good thing going, guys, and now . . . poof:

We expect we’ll see more of this (protest is in Pacific Beach, near San Diego):