First it was COVID-19 infected Chris Cuomo breaking quarantine on Easter Sunday and now we have George Stephanopoulos doing the same thing! WTF is wrong with these people?

The mask as a necklace is a nice touch:

After watching MSM anchors blast Florida for opening up beaches for limited hours for exercise, is it too much to expect they treat one of their own the same way?

Stephanopoulos was also criticized by neighbor and author Carrie Doyle when he visited a Hamptons’ pharmacy on April 10 despite his wife, Ali Wentwoth, having been diagnosed with coronavirus:

Wentworth said she was cleared on Monday April 13 which was also the same day Stephanopoulos was diagnosed, via People:

Ali Wentworth concluded 16 days of isolation on Monday — the same day that her husband George Stephanopoulos revealed he too has tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The actress, 55, shared on April 1 that she had tested positive for COVID-19 and was exhibiting many of the symptoms, including a high fever, body aches and a “heavy chest,” calling the illness “pure misery.”

He took to Twitter this morning saying he no longer has coronavirus but it’s not clear if he knew this when he went for his little walk:

Help us out with the timeline here. . .

April 10: Ali is sick, George is out and about

April 13: Ali is no longer sick, but George tests positive (which means he was positive when he was waltzing around the Hamptons)

April 20: George breaks quarantine in the Hamptons

April 21: George says he’s healthy

If the U.S. treated George like South Korea, there’d be public text alerts (they’d be anonymous but everyone would be able to figure out it was him) tracing all of his steps while infected, which would open him up to public shame and ridicule.

But that antibodies tweet from George is odd. 1., Dr. Fauci says antibody tests aren’t validated:

2., He says he tested positive for antibodies “last week”? But last week he tested positive for the virus itself. And how is he just getting the antibody test results now? And shouldn’t he take another test to prove he’s healthy and not rely on the antibody test?

We’ll keep you posted.