CNN’s Chris “Fredo” Cuomo went full Sonny Corleone yesterday during his SiriusXM radio show, telling his audience “I don’t like what I do professionally” and “I don’t think it’s worth my time”:

You see, in his current role as a highly paid CNN anchor, he doesn’t get to yell at people who piss him off:

More from the NY Post:

Speaking about his job as the host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” the Queens-born anchor said he doesn’t want to spend his time “trafficking in things that I think are ridiculous.”

Like “talking to Democrats about things that I don’t really believe they mean” and “talking to Republicans about them parroting things they feel they have to say.”

He also wants to stop analyzing the president, “Who we all know is full of sh-t by design.”

As a public figure, Cuomo said he has to tolerate other people’s opinions of himself — and it’s just not worth it to him anymore.

You know, there’s the door, Chris:

Also, there’s this from the article. . .

Cuomo was diagnosed with coronavirus about two weeks ago and he out and about with his family on Easter Sunday?

Is this the recommended guidance, Gov. Cuomo?

You can listen to his meltdown here: