The new hotness today among the Twitter liberal blue-check club is this New York Times article that says COVID-19 first came to New York “mainly from Europe, not Asia”. . .

. . .which, of course, leaves out how the f*** it got to Europe in the first place:

These complete and total hacks:

She doesn’t know how it got to Europe, as that a real Scooby-Doo mystery and it sounds like she wanted a travel ban to Europe:

Joe Scarborough, too:

And let’s not leave out Touré:

We’re going to steal this joke and use it over and over again, thank you very much:

You mean if the career folks at the CDC didn’t let us down with their failed test?

Oh, no. It’s still China’s fault:

Wait, how did the Jews enter into this? Please stay on topic:

Well, if you want the world to call it the “Wuhan virus” or the “China virus,” we can think of no better way than getting Europe on board to rightfully blame China, too: