There’s a remarkable, and perhaps unbelievable turn of events happening right now in California where Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on April 6 that the state will start loaning ventilators to other states that are in need of them right now:

Here’s the breakdown of who gets what (No states led by Republicans?):

But just days earlier, Gov. Newsom said the state needed more ventilators. On April 1:

On here he is begging for more of them on April 30 during an appearance on “The Daily Show” (does he still need people from other states or he’s good there, too?):

Politico reported that the state has done a good job getting additional ventilators, but to go from begging for machines on The Daily Show to giving them away in a week? How is that possible?

In later remarks Monday, Newsom said California was in position to assist other states in part because hospitals had made strides in obtaining more equipment. California hospitals have increased their collection from around 7,500 machines to more than 11,000 in the last few weeks, Newsom said.

“That has put less strain and pressure on the state’s effort to procure additional ventilators,” Newsom said.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s GREAT news that the state is able to do this. But a week ago the media was busting on President Trump when he said governors were overestimating their ventilator requirements:

So, he was right?