As Wuhan celebrates the lifting of the city’s two-month lockdown, new concerns (SURPRISE!) have arisen for some strange reason:

You see, an official Chinese newspaper dared to estimate that there are currently between 10,000-20,000 people in Wuhan who are infected with COVID-19 but asymptomatic. This article was quickly ratholed, however:

And you know all those reports of faulty tests? Maybe that’s a problem in China, too. Here’s a report that a doctor, who had been volunteering in Wuhan and had tested negative, suddenly died of cardiac arrest after he traveled home. There’s anecdotal evidence that COVID-19 damages a person’s heart as well as the lungs:

10,000-20,000 infected and showing no signs of symptoms and the people who had the most contact with the infected are all headed home. What could go wrong?

Oh, and the city of Suifenhe, population 100,000 or so, on the border with Russia has just been locked down after a surge of cases from, reportedly, Chinese citizens returning home:

5% of those returning, if the tests can even be trusted, were asymptomatic carriers. Gulp:

Summary of the restrictions in place:

According to reports, hospitals in the city are already at capacity:

And field hospitals are being constructed:

So, they want them to stay in Russia? What does Russia think about that?

Eventually, China will have to admit the truth and when they do, it’s going to be brutal.