Actor and Twitchy favorite called out 3M for selling masks to foreign countries while they’re need desperately here in the U.S.

“What happened to, ‘We’re all in this together’?”:

But we will point out that this is all very complicated. The president ordered FEMA to “prevent export of N95 masks under Defense Production Act”:

But 3M is pushing back against this, “citing concerns over the humanitarian impacts” of that move:

We’re already seeing reports that 3M masks headed for Germany and Thailand are now being shipped to the U.S.:

Canada is mad about it, too:

Lots of the raw materials for the masks come from Canada:

This is going to get uglier:

3M is also fighting back on rumors, for example, this one claiming masks for the Berlin police were directed elsewhere:

About the current situation: We are not aware of any orders for breathing masks from China for the Berlin police. All FFP2 respirators that we sell in Germany are made in Europe. Our manufacturing principle is “local for local”.

To be continued.