If we didn’t have anything else to worry about, we’re starting to see a lot — and we mean, a lot — of warning that the online video conference platform Zoom that everyone is using is quite possibly a danger to national security.

Elon Musk, for example, banned it for SpaceX over “significant privacy and security concerns”:

Thomas Rid, a professor at Johns Hopkins goes further and says Zoom created “awe-inspiring intelligence collection opportunities”:

Think about how much traffic is going over Zoom right now for a second:

Think of all the sensitive stuff being discussed:

Now read how their security is BS:

The security is so bad, pranksters are already “zoom bombing” broadcasts:

China is pretty good at this stuff:


One of the reasons Zoom is so popular is because of how well it integrates into your computer. Well, that’s because, as Princeton professor Arvind Narayanan points out, “Zoom is malware” and works like malware:

It’s a “privacy disaster”:

Well, enjoy that personalized background!



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