Holy s*it is this bad.

Meet Jennifer Dopazo, whose Twitter bio says she used to work at the New York Times. Dopazo went full “Karen” in a now-deleted series of tweets and accused a local butcher of selling a product with a “fake weight” because she doesn’t understand that 1.63 lbs (on the label) is the same as 1lb 10oz (on the scale):

We did get a screenshot before she deleted it:

The local butcher, Dickson’s Farmstand, helped her out with a math lesson and a handy conversion via Google:

Even worse, she sent her husband in to talk to the manager:

“Jacob went back to figure out if it was a mistake and found a hostile team of people that denied it. Finally brought a smaller scale and the truth in front of their eyes. The weight in the label is wrong. Frustrated he came back home pretty sad, used to be his favorite butcher”

And when that failed, she tagged the New York Attorney General and said she filed a complaint:

“I hope they don’t do this to more people as we all stay home and try to find ways to support our local businesses. I’ve submitted a complaint to @nyc311 and @NewYorkStateAG”

What an awful thing to do:


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