At yesterday’s Big 10 men’s college basketball tournament, Nebraska head coach Fred Hoiberg was sick but he decided to coach the game anyway:

But during the game it got worse. A lot worse. And he eventually had to leave and go to the ER:

As this was happening last night, news was breaking that the NBA had suspended the season after Rudy Gobert’s positive COVID-19 test, so, the players were quarantined after the game:

But, thankfully, Hoiberg only had Influenza A, which he described as “like a bad cold”:

Now, here’s where the bad reporting and information comes in. . .

The University of Nebraska released this statement that read, “Influenza A (common cold)” which is not true:

ESPN, and others, just ran with it not bothering to even question if it was correct or not:

Do better, guys:

Reporting shouldn’t be stenography:

Anyway, the larger issue here is why was he coaching in the first place?

Maybe he missed some of the news stories: