Well, this is a bit of good news regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus:

Via NBC News, “As the novel coronavirus spreads around the globe, doctors say very few children have been diagnosed with it. And of those who have, most have had mild cases:

But it would be nice if the experts could figure out why this is. From the article:

The coronavirus’ mercy on children is a relief and a mystery to pediatric infectious diseases experts, who have a handful of working theories but no definitive answers for why.

“This is one of the unusual findings and curveballs that this virus keeps throwing at us,” said Dr. Frank Esper, a pediatric infectious diseases specialist at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, whose research focuses on viral respiratory infections and newly recognized infectious diseases. “Normal coronaviruses seem to affect children and adults equally, but this one, for whatever reason, certainly skews more to the adult population.”

China is seeing the same thing with its patients:

This news comes as almost 300 million kids are out of school worldwide to fight the spread of the virus:

Over in the UK, they’re talking about shutting down Parliament but keeping schools open, which might be OK?

There’s just so much the experts don’t know, even now.


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