Here we go again. . .

The usual suspects are claiming voter suppression after voters in multiple states experienced long lines at the polls on Super Tuesday:

So the Dem-run states are practicing voter suppression, too?

Texas and California both had incredibly long wait times to vote yesterday:

So, is the California suppression just about Bernie or what?

Ah! The DNC is in on it?

If it’s Texas, it’s voter suppression:

And a Dem is IN ON IT:

But wait! Republicans tried to help and offered their machines but NOPE:

This does appear where Bernie’s people are headed:

Or maybe it voter suppression and incompetence and being too cheap?

Saying they’re incompetent or it’s voter suppression is the easy answer, but it’s likely more complicated than that. Both California and Texas invested heavily in early voting which should mean you need fewer resources on hand on election day:

Of course, MSNBC called what happened in Texas voter suppression early on in the night:

But California? Nah. That’s just a state not deploying enough resources:

So, spend more money?