Well, the full video is now out and we can see why ABC News suspended David Wright as he absolutely took a sledgehammer to ABC News and how the network covers President Trump and politics in general. Check it out (highlights below):

Highlights. . .

First up, Wright accused the network of not being “terribly interested in voters”:

Wright also pointed out that the “commercial imperative” of running ABC News doesn’t fit with actually delivering the news:

And he called out “Good Morning America” for all of the self-promotion of other Disney properties:

Wright said ABC News doesn’t hold President Trump to account:

But at the same time, he admitted ABC News does not give President Trump enough credit for the things he’s done:

Wright said he considers himself a socialist:

Later on in the video, producer Andy Fies criticized the network for focusing on the campaign as a “f*cking horse race”:

And he criticized his colleagues in New York for never crossing the Hudson River:

Fact check: TRUE! ALL OF IT!



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