A Getty Image photograph of gun rights activists in the Frankfort, Kentucky Capitol Building has triggered failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke:

And just about every other lib on Twitter:

This??is??pretty??normal . . . if you leave the bubble states:

Sigh. This would not happen, and if these people knew actual gun owners they’d know how stupid they sound:

They’re terrorists. . .

. . .or Russians:

Well, back in 1776, some guys wrote a letter to the King of England. . .

Yet, oddly, nobody was injured:

Kentucky just elected a Democrat as gov:

Or not:

Yet, nobody was killed:

More of this BS:

And more of this BS:

Well, since Dems have bashed Bernie on guns, they’d be OK with him?

The thing the Constitution puts second is not a right? OK:

And, finally, nope: