This is really pathetic and we eagerly await all the fact-checkers to pounce all over John Kerry and Joe Biden rewriting history to make their past support for the Iraq War into opposition to the Iraq War.

Here’s Team Bernie’s David Sirota with the shot, chaser. . .

In 2003, Biden was crystal clear that he supported “the resolution to go to war.” In 2020, John Kerry is trying to spin the vote back then as “not a vote specifically to go to war”:

No, Lerch. . . it’s you who’s distorting the record of Joe Biden:

Does Joe Biden need more video to refresh his ailing memory? OK. How about this one where he’s attacking Dems:

President George W. Bush “is a bold leader and he is popular” and “I and many other will support him”:

Or, how about this one with Biden calling for regime change?

For years, Dems have tried to say they were lied into war which was always total and complete BS. But instead of owning up to their own (and Republican failures), they just bashed Bush. Well, that’s not going to work:

At least some blue checks are calling on Kerry on it:

As is CNN’s Daniel Dale: