Remember back in 2012 when then Vice President Joe Biden was telling everyone how great a president Barack Obama was because Obama had the stone to order the raid to kill OBL when others, like himself, were telling him “don’t go”?

We remember, and there’s video:

Well, now that President Trump has issued a similar order, Biden is changing his tune and telling people he never said what we all heard him say:

As you might imagine, Biden keeps changing his story on this to fit the times. From 2013, via Zach Parkinson, Deputy Director of Communications for the Trump campaign:

In 2015:

Even Obama himself confirmed what Biden originally said:

And if that’s not good enough, how about Jay Carney?

Or Hillary?

Or Leon Panetta?

Or Bob Gates?

Or Michael Morrell?

In summary, Biden is lying now and the media should not let him get away with it, but we assume they will: