A visibly angry Pope Francis was caught on camera slapping a woman’s hand after she refused to let go during a New Year’s Eve celebration at the Vatican. Check it out:

He has since apologized, saying he set a “bad example” for everyone:

Now, check out this framing from CNN on the Pope’s New Year’s address. So, he abused this woman??? Does CNN really think abusing women and what Pope Francis did is the same thing???

CNN has since update and corrected the story, but the tweet is still up:

Here’s what it says now (they didn’t include whatever it is they changed):

“Love makes us patient. So many times we lose patience, even me, and I apologize for yesterday’s bad example,” he said.
The Pontiff continued in his address: “Women are sources of life. Yet they are continually insulted, beaten, raped, forced to prostitute themselves and to suppress the life they bear in the womb.
“Every form of violence inflicted upon a woman is a blasphemy against God, who was born of a woman.”

And a screenshot for posterity: