Oh, goodie. Another piece of s*** omnibus spending bill is about to get passed:

And this one not only spends money, but also includes “massive policy changes”!

Rep. Chip Roy went as far as to remind President Trump that he promised not to sign another one of these things:

We look forward to the veto, too:

But, we fear, everyone just wants to get home for Christmas. Check out the empty seats:

Included in this monstrosity if $500 million for border security. . .in Jordan:

And $4.2 billion for the troops. . .Afghanistan’s troops:

They’re splitting the bill up into two parts and trying to say it’s not one big omnibus bill:

But it is:

Nobody, except for a few conservatives, even cares:

But journos are worried President Trump will veto it and ruin their vacations:

Yes, they’re the real victims:


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