We really love it when celebrity millionaires lecture us on the evils of capitalism. Tell us more, Mark Ruffalo:

Of course, his pinned tweet right now is him trying to sell tickets to his next movie. In other words, CAPITALISM:

Twitchy favorite Nick Searcy has a helpful idea if Ruffalo is serious about all of this:

Right? There’s no law that says he has to keep all of his money:

And giving money to other wealthy capitalists doesn’t count:

Maybe he will Venmo us money if we ask him nicely?

And this is a good reminder that the people who read the words are paid too much:

Good point. Does Ruffalo even give up his salary to help lower paid guild members?

And don’t even get us started on all the money he’s made thanks to China:

If only capitalism could work so well for us:

In reality, he’s the one “killing us” if he believes his own BS:

Dare to dream: