President Trump tweeted this morning, quoting from a guest on Fox News, that a”Poll shows Dems losing interest in Impeachment inquiry all across the board” and “These Polls are actually devastating to the Democrats”:

This is referencing a new poll done by Hill-HarrisX. From The Hill:

Democratic voters appear to be losing interest in House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll released on Monday.

The number of Democratic voters who say they are paying close attention to the impeachment inquiry fell 5 percentage points to 73 percent in the latest nationwide survey.

The amount of independent and GOP voters who are keeping an eye on impeachment also saw a decrease. Fifty-nine percent of independent voters said they are paying attention to the inquiry, while 64 percent of Republicans say the same.

But then CNN’s John Berman said the president was wrong:

So, quoting from someone else’s poll if it’s not a CNN poll is now not allowed? Anyway, why does Berman and Co. actually think CNN’s poll is good news for Dems? After all of these hearings, shouldn’t these number have GONE UP? This shows Dems aren’t making the case they think they’re making:

And check out Alisyn Camerota’s face on air as she calls these results “interesting.” It’s like she just learned Santa Claus isn’t real:

We’d call a poll that shows the president should be impeached unchanged “devastating to the Democrats,” wouldn’t you?


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