Rep. Elise Stefanik just finished up her questioning at today’s impeachment hearing where she started off by saying that her constituents “have many concerns” about Hunter Biden and his time on the board of Burisma:

And she got Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to admit on the record that Hunter’s role on the board could be a potential conflict of interest:

But, as we saw last week, blue-check libs were not happy with what she had to say. Here are the top 20 worst reactions we’ve seen so far. .

1. “Ellen” producer Andy Lassner:

2. Charlotte Clymer, Human Rights Campaign:

3. Greg Dworkin, The Daily Kos:

4. Charles Piers, The Politics Blog:

5. @cFidd, The Daily Kos:

6. Tara Dublin, writer:

7. Grant Stern, writer:

8. Litsa Dremousis, writer:

9. Michelangelo Signorile, radio host:

10. Susan Hennessey, CNN:

11. Sophia Nelson, writer:

12. Alvin aqua Blanco, @HipHopWired:

13. Adrienne Elrod, MSNBC contributor:

14. Sophia Tesfaye, Salon:

15. @rejects, podcaster:

16. Joyce Allene, law professor:

17. Zack Hunt, writer:

18. Tiffany Cross, @TheBeatDC:

19. Meredith Gould, artist:

And finally, 20. Kendra James, writer:

They really just don’t like her.