President Trump is under fire for this tweet that looks to be quoting from Lou Dobb’s show and this statement that “DACA recipients with arrest records: 53,792!”:

The tweet last night was in defense of an earlier tweet where the president said DACA recipients are “far from ‘angels'”:

Many of the responses to the president directly question the accuracy of his tweet:

Others are pointing out the legal problems of the president’s own current and former staffers:

But the number 53,792 is correct and directly from this report provided by the United States Custom & Immigration Service:

And “more than 2,000 had their DACA privilege revoked due to serious crimes, including murder, rape, etc.”:

More on the report from Caitlin Dickson of Yahoo News:

She’s no fan of the report or how it’s being used, but that doesn’t make the president’s tweet incorrect:


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