The delay in long overdue inspector general’s report, which we’re supposed to see next week, “signals criminal prosecution, says former Congressman Jason Chaffetz:

Chaffetz made the comment to Sean Hannity on Friday:

“I don’t think it has anything to do with Horowitz delaying it, I think it’s the fact that Durham actually is moving forward on some prosecution,” Chaffetz told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday.

Along these lines, Sara Carter is reporting that the IG report will contain “at least two criminal referrals,” including one directed at former FBI Director James Comey:

From her reporting:

The report will apparently have at least two criminal referrals, said two sources, with knowledge. One of those criminal referrals is expected to be Comey. However, the Inspector General’s office has not been providing comments on the report.

But Sen. Chuck Grassley just tweeted this out, which is interesting (to say the least). Why is he worried that the IG report will be delayed, yet again? What’s he hearing?

Something is up:

Also, we won’t be surprised if it’s delayed — AGAIN:

Now, if only Sen. Grassley knew someone who could look into such a thing. . .

Because we’ve heard this again and again and again:

Hopefully we find out next week like we were supposed to: