Libs: Trump’s rhetoric is so toxic!

Also libs: Hey, we’re not real big fans of making Tucson a sanctuary city, however:

From the Arizona Daily Star:

Tucson voters overwhelmingly opted against the “sanctuary city” initiative, which would have limited the circumstances in which police officers could ask about immigration status.

Partial results for Proposition 205, also known as The Tucson Families Free and Together Initiative, showed 58,820 voters, or 71.4%, voted “no” on the proposal compared to just 23,562, or 29%, who voted “yes.”

This would have made Tucson the first sanctuary city in the state:

Keep in mind, Tucson is a liberal city:

In fact, the same voters that torched the sanctuary city bill elected the city’s first Latina mayor, Dem Regina Romero:

Mayor-elect Romero’s first priority? Climate change legislation. From the Arizona Daily Star:

Romero said her priority is to put together a bold climate action plan for the city

“If we want to move our economy to a progressive place, if we want to continue investing in our infrastructure, if we want to continue creating high wage, long term jobs we have to tackle climate resiliency in our city,” she said on Tuesday night. “We are the second city that is heating up the most right after Phoenix and so we’ve got to work immediately on it.”


Editor’s note: We’ve corrected multiple misspellings of “Tucson.” Eek.