Remember Juli Briskman? She became a #Resistance hero after this photo of flipping the bird to President Trump as he drove by in his motorcade went viral in 2017:

Anyway, she just won a seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia:

From flipping off the president to flipping her seat:

We assume she spelled “Loudoun” incorrectly here to make a pun:

And, yes, the president’s Virginia golf course is in her district:

First item on the to-do list? Pantsuits:

Briskman was fired in 2017 from her job at a government contractor after the photo went viral:

Her lawsuit for wrongful termination was dismissed, so she decided to run for office instead. From the Washington Post:

She sued and won her severance claim, but her wrongful-termination lawsuit was dismissed. Rather than appeal, she decided to seek public office.