Whistleblower Aid, the “non-profit legal organization” working with the intelligence officer whistleblower, is raising money to pay for his or her defense:

Well, this is a neat trick. D.C. lawyers have found a way to get a taxpayer subsidy of their legal fees? From their GoFundMe:

The whistleblowers’ legal counsel–Andrew Bakaj and Mark Zaid of Compass Rose Legal Group–are also core members of Whistleblower Aid’s team. They have helped to build this organization from scratch. It’s important that people know a bit about them.

Because wealthy Hollywood donors need that tax break, right?

As of the writing of this post, they’ve raised almost $39,000:

More on Whistleblower Aid here, via the Washington Examiner:

The anonymous U.S. intelligence official accusing President Trump of improperly pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is represented by two lawyers who run a group that offers financial help to fired whistleblowers.

Whistleblower Aid was launched in September 2017 — eight months after Trump’s inauguration — with an advertising blitz that involved mobile billboards being driven close to the White House, Congress, outside the Pentagon, and around the headquarters of the CIA and National Security Agency.

The group’s pledge of support, in addition to free legal representation including rent and mortgage assistance, media coaching, and doctor’s bills and counseling, is controversial among lawyers. Critics say it violates attorney ethics.

A violation of attorney ethics AND tax-deductible? How does that work?