President Donald Trump weighed on the latest Debra Messing controversy we told you about last night, suggesting that NBC should fire her like ABC did with Roseanne Barr “because of the terrible things she said about blacks and mental illness”:

“Watch the double standard”:

The president is referring to this now-deleted tweet where she applauded an Alabama church for posting on a sign, “A black vote for Trump is mental illness”:

Deadline reports that “Will and Grace” was renewed for 2020, which will be the show’s last season.

As for Messing, she doubled down on her now-deleted tweet and responded with “THANK YOU Sophia” to this tweet from USA Today/Daily Beast Contributor Sophia Nelson that says, “what she is saying is what sane person, particularly one of color, would support an openly racist, white nationalist, President?”

So, only insane black people will vote for Trump, which is what she tried to apologize for yesterday. She can’t stop herself, can she?