More Russian meddling in the U.S. election and we bet Elizabeth Warren will gladly accept her help:

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Johansson says she is supporting Elizabeth Warren. “She feels like someone who is thoughtful and progressive but realistic,” Johansson says. “It’s not like her campaign is making these crazy, outlandish promises that seem impossible to reach. There’s a strategy there.”

Just what Dems need, more Hollywood support!

She says she’ll be involved in the presidential election, whoever faces Donald Trump. … “If I can help with voter engagement, whether it’s doing some sort of PSA campaign or actively trying to involve people in the process of registering and voting. I really believe if people actually did vote, our government would look the way it’s supposed to, but people just don’t vote. It baffles me.

Also from the interview, she believes Woody Allen is innocent: