It appears that Bill Kristol and Anthony Scaramucci are supporting Joe Walsh as a Republican primary challenger to President Trump in the hope that it forces the president to withdraw from the race.

First up, here’s Bill Kristol who thinks things could go as they did in 1968 when incumbent President Lyndon Johnson dropped out of the primary:

This was then echoed by Anthony Scaramucci:

Their problem? Kristol is using national poll data when it’s only Republican support that matters, and Trump is in no way comparable to Lyndon Johnson:

Oh, an if Kristol and Scaramucci get their way and Trump does drop out for some reason? Well, in 1968 incumbent Vice President Hubert Humphrey got the nomination and then lost to former Vice President Richard Nixon. Their plan to save the GOP is that Vice President Mike Pence loses to former Vice President Joe Biden? Thanks?