Need a pick-me-up? How about a nice “beat down” of Bernie Sanders from Kamala Harris’ press secretary, Ian Sams:

It all started when the elderly socialist with 3 homes called out Kamala Harris over the report that she was in the Hamptons raising money from a crowd that showed up in Teslas and Masserattis and that she had criticized his Medicare-for-all plan:

Here’s the report:

And that’s when Sams jumped in, reminding Sanders that he was caught raising money for the DSCC on Martha’s Vineyard from the very pharma and Wall St. lobbyists he blasts in the press:

And while Bernie stayed silent during his lavish fundraiser, Sams credited Harris for speaking out at hers:

More here from NBC News, including this disturbing anecdote of Sanders shmoozing with lobbyists in a hot tub:

Some guests said they were surprised to see the populist crusader at these lavish events and suggested he was probably in it for the free vacation.

Senators are flown on a private plane chartered by the DSCC to the retreats, which are held at five-star resorts like the Ritz-Carlton. Sanders was often spotted at the pool, walking on the beach, and at the buffet line. He went on a boat ride off Martha’s Vineyard organized by the committee.

Sanders was even once spotted chatting sociably for close to an hour with a financial services lobbyist who was in a hot tub while the senator sat nearby.