It’s about time. . .

The Washington Post finally got around to fact-checking Senators Kamala Harris and Elizbeth Warren over their recent claims that Michael Brown was “murdered” by a Ferguson, MO police officer, giving both of them “Four Pinnochios” over it:

From the Post:

One can certainly raise questions about whether Wilson should have fired as many shots as he did or acted appropriately under the circumstances. The racial profiling by the Ferguson Police Department is certainly well documented and fair game for criticism.

But Harris and Warren have ignored the findings of the Justice Department to accuse Wilson of murder, even though the Justice Department found no credible evidence to support that claim.

Instead, the Justice Department found that the popular narrative was wrong, according to witnesses deemed to be credible, some of whom testified reluctantly because of fear of reprisal. The department produced a comprehensive report to determine what happened, making the senators’ dismissal of it even more galling. Harris and Warren both earn

Four Pinocchios.

Now, when will other outlets follow suit?




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