In Amy McGrath’s campaign launch video that we told you about earlier in the week, it appears she lied and that the letters she showed from constituents to Mitch McConnell — letters that she implied he ignored — were actually sent on the same day as her announcement and not beforehand:

From Roll Call:

The video implies that McConnell never responded, but it appears the letters were sent Tuesday, the same day that McGrath announced her bid for the Democratic nomination to challenge him.

A spokesman for McConnell told CQ Roll Call on Friday that the senator’s Louisville office received three of the four letters featured in the video on Thursday. They were postmarked on Tuesday.

We can’t remember a worse launch for a candidate:

But that’s not deterring Joe Biden who said in remarks yesterday that “he’ll do everything in his power to beat” Sen. McConnell in 2020:

Maybe he means with another Dem on the ticket because McGrath has been a disaster. Even CNN agrees!