2020 Dem presidential candidate Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusettes, who is polling at about 0%, just tweeted this unhinged thread directed at SCOTUS for its ruling today saying gerrymandering is a state issue and not one for the federal courts:

And then, bizarrely, Moulton appeared to blame Stacey Abrams’ loss in the 2018 Georgia governor’s race on gerrymandering:

Pretty much:

Tonight’s debate really is going to be lit:

And then he blamed Sen. Mitch McConnell and the filibuster, which we’re pretty sure he’d object to if Cocain Mitch decided to end the filibuster when the GOP controlled the House:

But wait, there’s more! Moulton also wants to get rid of the electoral college:

So, what’s the plan when Dems don’t win the Senate?

Yes, this SCOTUS decision was “a tremendous setback for democracy,” except for the 2018 elections where Dems retook the House?

What a clown show.