Fresh off his praise for Elizabeth Warren’s economic policies, Tucker Carlson took aim at the Koch brothers last night, asking conservatives to question if they’re really “on their side”:

He also linked the Koch brothers to the 2017 tax cut and said it did more for corporate America’s interest than the middle class:

From Mediate:

“They are… totally opposed to most conservative policy goals,” he said. “The Kochs are libertarian ideologues, passionate and inflexible. America first? The Kochs find the very notion of that absurd, if not fascist. An economic policy that seeks to strengthen families? The Kochs denounce that as ‘crony capitalism,’ or ‘picking winners and losers.’ They think it’s immoral and they’ll tell you so. Controlling our borders? The Kochs consider that racist.”


Carlson even took aim at President Donald Trump‘s tax reform: “The Kochs helped craft the 2017 tax cut, that turned out to be far better for corporate America than it was for the American middle class.”

And as if on cue, a “Koch-funded advocate” is calling for more H-1B workers in the healthcare industry:

It appears President Trump was watching and issued this tweet last night praising the economy under his watch: